Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back in Moranbah

I'm back in "the bah" as they say. heh. And I miss my family. :( ::sigh:: An extreme extrovert like myself really wasn't designed to sit alone in the house day-in and day-out though so I'm sure that's adding some insult to injury. I've just realized that all my teacher friends, if they've stayed in town, are off for school holidays though so hopefully I can catch up with some of them. I have made some plans to catch up with a couple friends throughout the week now so the rest of the week should be better than today.

I'm officially unpacked! This is actually a first for me. For example, I didn't fully unpack from my December trip to Texas until I started packing for the June trip. That's just me....sloppy sloppy. Anyways. I decided if I didn't do it today, I never would so I've unpacked and put everything in drawers and the dirty stuff into the laundry basket and feel a slight sense of accomplishment. Ta da! I cleaned something!

The next step is to tackle the mountain of laundry we've accumulated. Somewhat annoyingly, Chris refuses to launder any of my clothing for fear of ruining something. I've tried to explain that every garment has a care tag and you just have to read it to know how to wash it...to no avail. Hopefully we'll overcome this in the near future because it's just silly to wash our clothes separately, but until then I do pretty much all the laundry and Chris just washes his work clothes every week. If you know me very well you know that this means that the laundry doesn't get done very often..... (please don't give me the "little here and there" lecture. I understand the logisitics, I just choose not to partake. ;) ) This leads to a MOUNTAIN of laundry whereby I end up washing just about every item of clothing we own (out of necessity, as we've run out of clean clothes.) Regardless of desperation, I continue to put off the mountain because, well, it's a mountain. And it's daunting. And smelly. And we don't have a dryer. So I have to hang up every single piddly sock and undergarment BY HAND. And hope it doesn't rain. Or that a bird won't shit on my favorite jeans. Ugh. Okay, I know, now I'm just complaining. Anyways....laundry is on the to do.

Also, the house is in a fairly scary level of disarray. I found a bowl of tapenade hiding under some old mail on the table that has definitely been sitting there for about a month. P.S. we also don't have a dishwasher. UGH. We're officially disgusting. So I have to clean the house this week too. I'm not interested, can't be bothered, but officially have to force myself because it's that gross. I don't think Chris has touched the toilet brush since I left either....oh boy.

So. How was my trip? Great! I did lots of catching up, drank lots of beer, ate Mexican food and drank iced tea almost every day, laughed more than should be allowed and did heaps of shopping on the side. It was the stuff dreams are made of! I wasn't ready to come home yet, but all good things must come to an end. Plus I missed our little bubble here in Moranbah with my beebs and my kittens. :)

The highlight of the trip was probably just a blip on the radar for everyone else, but it was just so easy that it made it special. I spent the whole day drinking my favorite beer by the pool with Laura who got inexplicably drunk after 2 beers and sun-burnt to an amusing degree, then we went to pint-night at The Flying Saucer where we drank even MORE good beer and had lots of laughs and all my favorite people were there and then Kara and I went to Braums, home of the best peanut brittle ever, and then met Kaitlyn and Kara's friends at Froggies where we monopolized the juke box and plunged even further into the beer fest. We ended the night with a song and dance at Red Goose with some dirty martinis and I tearfully showed pictures of my cats to everyone in the bar and then called it a night. An unassuming evening with good friends and good drinks but still, lands in my top 10 best days ever. :)

I could write forever, but I'll come back and say more later so you don't get too bored. ;)

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  1. I enjoyed the update on M'bah and you know I just like reading aobut your life! what can I say? I am getting ready to do work I have brought home, so - home work!


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