Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready to end so I can begin!

I work all. the. time. About 50 hrs/wk every week (or 7 days as it were) and I am SO burnt out. I can't do this anymore! So I quit. ;) I can't believe I only just started this job 3 months ago, this is like the shortest I've ever been in a job but it feels as if I've aged 3 years in this 3 months. No amount of money is worth how I've felt lately. I gave them 6 weeks notice which means my last day is the 29th of December. It's crazy how a job that I initially loved turned out to be something that took sooo much out of me, isn't it?

I don't feel like re-hashing all the things I didn't like about the job because what it all boils down to is that I don't like being a manager. I like someone telling me what to do every day. I think I could be a great supervisor or department head or something...but I don't like being in charge of everything. It's just not for me! Also, since I don't plan on having a career in retail, there's not a lot of purpose in me putting so much time and energy into this job. We can afford for me to take some time off and re-think what's important to me. I'm traveling to DFW 26 Jan - 12 of Feb so I get to see my family which I've realized is REALLY important for me to do about every 6 months. I don't know that we'll always be able to afford to do that and, you know, i'd rather pay $1500 and spend time with the people I care about most than drop that money on the kitchen table or hair extensions or something equally silly that I don't really need.

The only sad thing about this is that my heart is in two places now. I'll be spending my bday in DFW now which means I won't have Beebs or Shlee or Chica with me, and that's sad too. I'm amazed at how much love one heart can hold! I feel so thankful that God has given me such dear friends here now because I'm sure you all remember a time when I felt all but alone here if not for Beebs. My bday won't be the same without my Aussie family, but it wouldn't be the same without my Texas family either. Always torn in two. Two home sweet homes. :)

On the work front, I only just found out that we have extended hours for the last 3 weeks of December. We're open until 6 pm on Christmas Eve!!!! That's later than usual and here I thought we'd be closing early. GRRRR! We're supposed to be driving out to Sarina beach to spend Christmas with Chris's family but I just don't see how that's possible. It's a 2 hour drive there and back which means that, by the time I close the store, take a shower, and drive to the beach it would already be like 10pm. Only to have to drive all the way back the next day to open the shop at 9am on Boxing Day. I have to play Devil's advocate here though because, if it was my family at Sarina, it would be worth it to me to drive out and back just to spend part of Christmas with even though I could care less and it's a HUGE inconvenience....if Chris wants to go, I will go. And I won't mention the inconvenient part. lol I would want him to do it for me. Either way it won't be much of a Christmas this year, I think having it just the 2 of us would feel kind of sad/lonely. I don't know. We'd make it special I'm sure. Change is hard!

Back to the extended store hours....I think I'll have to be going into work late most days in order to not be over on my hours. Especially when we're open until 9, there's no way I can do 13 hour shifts every day! But there's no assistant what do we do? hrrmph.

Okay, just felt like I needed to blog update. There's TONS that's happened that I haven't updated on but I just can't be bothered. I'm too tired. I'm sorry!


  1. Beebs!!! I'm so so so excited that you're coming home for a couple of weeks, and I can't wait to see you.

    I'm sorry it's so hard being torn in two, and if I could uproot everyone and everything I care about here and move over there with you, I would do it in a heartbeat! :)

    The upside to having two parts of your family is that you've got double the happy, all over the world! I think that's worth celebrating, even if it gets really tough sometimes.

    Don't worry about blog updating, I love to hear from you and all, but you should sleep more, lol.


  2. I hope you find a good job that you enjoy waking up for, but I'm also glad you're coming to DFW next month!


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