Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had a hallelujah moment this morning! Chris washed one of the only pairs of jeans that kind of still fit me...and my heart sank because they ONLY fit if I spritz them with water and do a lot of clenching and jumping and pulling and then wait an hour before wearing them in public.... I was not looking forward to wearing them! But they were the only clean ones. (and the only ones that fit) So, I pulled them on and....

they buttoned!!! Easily! No jumping, clenching or pulling required! WOO! I'm trying on all the jeans I thought didn't fit at all when I get home to see if I can jump clench and pull my way into one of them now! hehehe

Also, in other news, I now own an iphone 4! I'd like to encourage any one of my friends and fam back in the states to invest in one of these because, if you have one, I can video call you from anywhere, any time. This means I can do a quick chat from my lunch break at work at a time that's actually convenient for everyone! If you have an iPhone 4, let me know so I can call you up. :):) I know Amelia does and I think Kaitlyn might....anyone else?


  1. YAY!!! Omgosh - that really is one of the best feelings!!! Well ... for me it is! I'm barely getting back into old jeans too - I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Great to read your blog today. Always love reading fellow expat experiences, no matter how mundane or ordinary they might seem to you. If you're bored, have a read of my own blog at insearchofalifelessordinary.blogspot.com, which follows my journey from England to Canada to Australia. Maybe you can relate to some of my own experiences although I haven't got to the Oz part of the adventure yet!


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