Saturday, January 22, 2011

Astrological Signs

So, based on all the Facebook status...statii? Anyways. ;) Based on all of the updates by my friends, they have apparantly decided to officially update the astrology calendar thing to reflect the actual constellations of today. Why am I the only one for whom this is not news??? I've been reading/hearing for years that the current calendar was outdated by something like thousands of years which means that anyone who actually believes in their horoscope is most likely reading the wrong one. That said, if you believe in astrology, your sign has ALWAYS been whatever the new calendar says it is. Nothing has changed, you've just been educated. If you feel like your previous outdated sign really described you spot on, I think that's just further proof how little stock you should place in star signs. I'm just sayin.

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  1. HaHa! I have lots of opinions on this but I'll keep them to myself. :) Are you on twitter? That's where the buzz started about the astrology signs - then it hit FB. Love twitter!!


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