Monday, January 10, 2011

Neighborly love

Our next door neighbors have six kids, several cockatoos, chickens, dogs, cats and other various wildlife. I'm not exaggerating. Every morning at about oh, say, 4 am, the cockatoos start squawking. If a wild cockatoo's squawk wasn't bad enough, these cockatoos have been raised in a chicken coop so they sqwak-a-cluck. Like a bee-awk-a-squawk. A cockachicken. A pain in the ass.

It's still summer vacation for kids in queensland, so all of their kids make as much noise as possible during the day. Running back and forth through their house (echoes across and sounds like people are running in our house. it's weird) Screaming.

They like to find any excuse to use a chainsaw, woodchipper, leaf-blower or any other kind of loud power tool spontaneously at 8am on a Saturday, or 8pm at times (which is almost as bad.)

Every other night their dogs woof-woof-woof and bark-bark-bark and woof-bark-woof for hours.

To add insult to injury, as soon as they moved in they proceeded to hack and cut back at all the vines, trees and foliage that would have created any kind of noise barrier or privacy screen between their yard and ours.

I have come to conclude that our neighbors must be deaf.

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