Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going awaaay

No big updates yet. I'm still getting back into the habit of blogging and haven't really thought of anything major to update on....Let's see...

Our garden is dying. :( That's pretty major isn't it? I think we're getting some fungus in the soil from all the rain. All of our petunias are dead but our Marigolds are doing almost TOO well and have pretty much taken over the garden. The Dianthus are struggling but have still pulled through. All the violets died which is a shame... It's been raining just about every afternoon which is GREAT for the yard, our grass looks awesome. I'm watching the news at the moment about all the snow expected in D.C. and mom talks about the ice Texas has had in the past weeks...It's funny. I was ready to get into the warmth by the time I left Texas and now that I've been in the heat for a couple weeks I'm just SO over it already and would like to be back in the snow. lol It would be so nice to curl up in front of the fire with a good book at the moment but we're just trying to pump some cold air from the back of the house ( there's only a/c in the bedrooms at the back of the house so we've got a fan trying to pump it into the front.) According to the thermometer in Chris's phone it is currently 86 degrees INSIDE the house. And it actually feels relatively cool compared to before we tried to pump some cold up here. bleh.

Chris is stealing me away. He has some kind of birthday plans for me but they are under wraps at the moment. All I kno is that we are going to the beach/Mackay until Thursday which means that I will only be able to check Facebook from my phone and, even then, will probably not be able to respond to messages and whatnot very easily considering I don't have one of those newfangled "smart phones" or iphones or any of it! So don't get mad. I won't be ignoring anyone, I just won't be home. xoxo ;)

I found out that Cairns is only a 9 hour drive from Mackay. I know, that's not close, but it's not like it's 18 hrs away or anything like I'd originally thought. It's definitely a distance we could cover in a day without much exhaustion...That's like DFW to South Padre, right? So, next on my travel list is going to be Cairns. I don't know when we'll actually make it out there but I really want to go! I want to see the rainforest there...I don't know. I just want to see it, just to go somewhere different. :)

That's all for now! Just a bit of randomness!

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