Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where have all the bras gone?

Okay, what is WITH the whole no-bra trend as of late?? There is a plague of girls and women alike roaming the streets with no bra on. Usually just a white tank-top or t-shirt and nothing underneath. Not so flattering. I could almost understand if they had undergone a recent breast augmentation and wanted to show off their new body. (Hey, those things are EXPENSIVE!) But these are usually just typical A/B-cup girls (often with a bad case of cone-boob) swinging to and fro like there's no tomorrow. Really??

Okay, okay, I admit that I actually do get it. You want attention. You think the guys are gonna be drool because you don't wear a bra. I have to break two things to you; 1. they don't want to take you home to momma, they want to take you home to bed. If that's what all you're interested in fair enough, that's definitely your prerogative. I wouldn't have thought wearing a bra would stop a man from taking you to bed...but I digress. The second thing I think you should know is that running around without underwear on isn't exactly commanding respect from anyone, male or female. You're degrading yourself to a piece of meat and it's neither cute nor classy. Men will picture you naked even if you're wearing a push-up and a turtle-neck, why not leave a little something up to the imagination??

Put a bra on for crying out loud, your boobs will thank you in 20 years.

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