Saturday, February 20, 2010


I love waking up on Saturdays because, somehow, Chris always manages to get out of bed without waking me and he sneaks into the kitchen and cleans EVERYTHING until it's when I wake up it's to the smell of Ajax, a furry kitten's meowing, and a big hug from the love of my life. So all I have to do is shuffle bleary-eyed into the kitchen, set the pot to "Brew" and collapse on the couch with my muesli and the remote (or, in some cases, cold pizza :) ) I don't know why he does it, frankly I don't want to ask and risk ruining a good thing, but it's beautiful and I appreciate it.

That said, I will be spending the rest of this weekend cleaning. I might even clean straight into next week.... Bleh. I hate cleaning. I especially hate deep cleaning, you know when you're on your hands and knees scrubbing base boards and dusting. It makes me wonder how much it costs to hire someone to come in once a month and do the deep clean for me. Ha! Yes, I'm really that lazy... This is my blog, don't judge. :P

SO, about Fiji. Chris and I have talked about it and we think we could def afford to go......but the smart thing to do would be to stay home. We keep doing without at home while we travel around going on mini vacations and, even though we have everything we need at home, there's lots of things we want that we've been doing without because of it. Soooo we could go to Fiji. Orrr we could buy a couch and a new t.v. and a dryer and a dishwasher.... Yeah. I think we're going to be staying home. Yes, we might miss Chris's cousin's wedding but I think it's smart to just invest our money in ourselves at the time than to keep splashing out on trips constantly.

That's all!

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