Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's cold in Queensland! Only at night... it's still about 80 during the day. But still, the weather's been BEAUTIFUL! It's actually a bit chilly in the shade during the day, I'm loving it. :)

I've been going out to the pub every Friday night I'm in town, and it's been amazing for my social life! In this town, the only thing to do recreationally, other than making your own fun at home, is to go to the pub (google a map of Moranbah, Queensland and you'll see why. ;) ) I've met SO Many new people! It's always fun, and always a good time. It's nothing flashy, and their idea of a fancy cocktail is Vodka-redbull, but it's fun. I've met enough people now that I think I can start having house parties once a month for girls only and that would be a fun time too. Who knew that the pub would be the social hub of the town?

Petra is doing SO much better, praise God!!!! She has a case of Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism, which is a skeletal condition that occurs due to a diet low in calcium. The only cure is to pump her full of nutrients so she is on a strict twice-a-day dosage of laxatives as well for the next month to encourage her system to become regular again at which point she will have a check up at the vet where they will determine whether to continue twice-a-day treatment or if we should start to wean her off. I am over the moon that she is okay for now! Being confronted with the thought of her tiny lifeless body was so overwhelming for me, I just don't think I could have handled that... she's not out of the woods yet though and I found this story of a kitten with the same condition, and its progress sounds a lot like Petra: This worries me because, even though the vet hasn't mentioned it, if she has another constipation episode, the only cure is to repair her pelvis surgically....hmm. I think we need to buy pet insurance. I don't know what road we're going down.

Iiiii just remembered it's Sunday...which means we have church in 6's definitely 3:30 am. At least I'll get a good 5 hrs sleep in. That's not so bad. But I should go. haha


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  1. Well, glad to see you are having fun at the pub. Just think - that is why they show the pub in TV shows like Cheers. In Friends it was Central Perk, but the same type thing.
    Now the link about the cat is depressing.You will really have to talk to the vet. If it doesn;t work.......:(


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