Monday, May 10, 2010


It's only 55 degrees tonight, but it feels freezing compared to the 90+ degree weather we so typically have every day, most nights only get to 75. It's really fresh, and lovely outside at the moment. :) We bought some logs and built a fire in our Weber. lol If you didn't know, fireplaces don't come standard in Queensland (hell, heaters don't come standard!) so we had to make do with what we have. :) We have about a 8'x8' slab of concrete out back where presumably a shed used to be and so we're thinking about building a fire pit in the middle of it like this one

This is the how-to video, they said that if you line the inside of your retaining wall with fire-proof bricks you don't even need the steel fire-pit bowl. But I've found some reasonably priced ones online so I think we'll order one. They look so nice!

This looks like a very basic project and might be a fun project for any of y'all in the southern states of Australia, or later on this year for the rest of my friends and family in the states. :)

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