Monday, May 17, 2010


I was talking to Ashleigh on the weekend and she was telling me about the degree plan she's going after at CQU. It's Business Communications, and it looks like fun! I was going to get just a general communications degree, but Business Communications (maybe with a minor in HR?) would be general enough to not be stuck looking for any one specific position but, especially with a minor, specific enough to make sense to future employers. (So it's not like "why is an English major applying for an HR position?") I'm old enough now to have figured out that if I'm going to spend all this money on a degree it should be in something practical. When I was 18 and trying to decide on a major, it was more about "what interests me...I'll do that!" which a lot of friends of mine did as well and many of them struggled to find employment after school even with a full degree. I wasn't as interested in a general business degree, so I think this one might show more focus.

Communications was something that sounded like a lot of fun, but the career path was more limited. Business communications includes a lot of business related course work so that, even if I don't end up a communications coordinator, I could still be a good fit for other positions. I'd really love to go into the marketing if I can, and this degree is perfect for that. It would also come in really handy if Chris's show takes off, so that I could successfully be his manager. I've also always thought of opening my own business, and I think that this would give a good background to understand what I'm getting myself into and it wouldn't be hard to take a couple courses later on in business management if I decide to go that route.

I'm trying to be practical for once and just do something that will make money and get me employment in any town or city. I still want to do hairdressing, but I don't know how long it's going to be before I'll start an apprenticeship so I just need to get started doing something for myself in the mean time. I just want to move forward with my life, I'm tired of sitting around and doing NOTHING. bleh.

The dentist never called btw. SO I guess I don't have that job... Kind of why I decided I need to just get started with school. In order for this to work I have to stay focused. It'll be hard for me, but as long as I stay organized (don't laugh...I can be organized if I work my butt off :P) it should be alright.

Another more specific degree I'm looking at (that would make a LOT of money if we stayed in this region) is the "Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Human Resource Management)" It also looks really interesting. It's essentially a sociology degree with a few HR courses slapped on the I think I'd be a Sociology major with a minor in HR...if I'm understanding that correctly. I dunno. I like the looks of this degree better than the other, but I don't have Ashleigh to walk me through the course work on this one so I don't know if it's the right degree for what I want to do. I know HR managers and directors do REALLY well financially and sociology has always fascinated me. I already have 3 sociology courses from UNT so I'd have almost a full semester done if I go this route.'s all up in the air. I just need to talk to an advisor I think.

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  1. You need to find out the difference between the applied social science HR or the business communications with HR minor. You know that Lee is in HR. You should talk to her. I don't know what they need where you live, but the business communications sounds more marketable to me.


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