Thursday, May 6, 2010


I keep finding little kitten nuggets all over the place. WHYYY?? Why is Petra the most difficult kitten I've ever had? I've NEVER had a kitten have trouble potty training. It's their instinct to use the litter....but I caught her today. She was sleeping and then woke up with a little nugget poking out and went and pooped in the corner on the floor. WTH?!?! Does she have a problem? She didn't have any problems the first week (other than the diarrhea issue) and now she has solid poops but has them all over the place. Ugh. I'm going to put like 5 litter boxes in her room and hope she uses one of them. Bean has been caught using her box so maybe she is just being possessive. Maybe she is just persnickety...either way she makes the whole south side of the house stink like poop and I'm sick of it. Hopefully the basquillion litter boxes solves the problem.

I know, I know, I'm talking about poo...but I had to vent!! Where else could I say it??

In other news we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at our place tonight with some beef fajitas and margaritas. YUM! I think I just wanted an excuse to have a margarita. hehehe The fajitas were so yummy though! I tried to make guac but my avos were too ripe and wouldn't mash. boooo!!

Haven't heard from the dentist yet. Applications close Friday so hopefully I'll get a call after that. Pray it works out!

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  1. I read your other post about Petra first and then this one. Know that you would have had no way of knowing that she had a genetic abnormality. Remember when I brought a kitten home for y'all and it had diarrhea constantly and then started having seizures and it had a genetic problem and had to be put down. It happens. I hope it works out OK for you and Petra. Sounds like you had a fun Cinco de mayo, I didn't! Dad is taking good care of me, but I am sleepy all the time.It is part of the concussion I guess. I want to go lay back down. I have slept 16 hours since 10:30 last night. That is alot! Love you!


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