Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's gonna be a FAT New Year.

Things to do (i.e. EAT) while in Texas for the holidays:

  • Chipotle (always my first stop from the airport)
  • Olive Garden Breadsticks
  • Chili's presidente margarita and grilled shrimp alfredo.
  • See Avatar in 3D at the Harkins Southlake while eating Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake we smuggled in with my purse. HA! (it's a big purse)
  • Buy that Eagle Flatts queso dip from Wal-Mart and go to town....and try and figure out how to make it myself!!!
  • Texas de Brazil buffet! whaat?
  • Del Frescos, just for Beebs.
  • Take Chris to Six Flags Holiday in the Park, just for fun.
  • Ocean Water and Jalapeno poppers at Sonic.
  • Go to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Razoo's Rat Toes!
  • Go outlet shopping with Amelia (because she's the only shopping partner who has the same "shopping-pace" as me....and I love her most.) which includes that trip to Dallas we've always talked about since I've never gone to those stores.
  • Holiday Lattes at Starbucks!!
  • Order a Honeybaked ham for Christmas
  • Go to QT every single day and have a fountain drink, just because I can.
  • Drive until we find snow. Hopefully it's not in like, Maine or something.
  • Drink eggnogg and watch White Christmas with momma.
  • Actually go out on New Years Eve instead of watching the ball drop at home like I have for the past 22 years. (anyone down to join me?)
  • Go to that ice thing at the Gaylord Texan.
  • Cuddle Ender and make sure he knows I still love him.

It's gonna be a fat new year......


  1. Okay, so Joe and I want to go to ICE and Holiday in the Park! Maybe the four of us can go together? :]

  2. Yes Yes and Yes :) I'm down :) For any and all of the above, provided my work schedule cooperates :)


  3. Oh my God... I haven't done a lot of those in a while. I'd love to join you for some!

  4. PS - They just built a Freebirds by my parents' house, and I need to take you to try it at some point.

  5. I had 1 of the Holiday latte's at SB just before I flew back to the NL after Thanksgiving, and theyre DE-LI-CIOUS. :D

  6. "See Avatar in 3D at the Harkins Southlake while eating Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake we smuggled in with my purse. HA! (it's a big purse)"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I am cracking up at work! I have never thought to sneak in cheesecake to the movies!


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