Monday, December 7, 2009


We want to move somewhere where it's cold all the time. Like, fireplace lit every day, rainy snowy "bad weather" kind of cold all the time. Preferably in the mountains. Seriously. Where is someplace where the highest high in the summer is like 65-70 degrees? I want to move there. I hate the heat. I hate the beach. I never want to sweat again. I SO look forward to winter and dread the days I have to pack up the sweaters and why not have year-round autumn and winter temperatures? So, where is this place? Is it like, Canada? Not like, Alaska or anything....someplace where it's cold all the time but not snow all the time.

Let the search begin!

Thredbo, New South Wales

Okay, so this is like the Aspen of Australia. Situated in NSW's Snowy Mountains, it averages a high of 20*C-22*C in the summer which isn't bad! And in the winter it's, well, cold and snowy. :) Problem? It's hella expensive. Like whoa expensive. $1.5 million for a 2 bed/2 bath. Here's some $2.5 million 5 bed/ 3 bath eye candy:

Okay now, I'm not even joking over here, you know how when you play Sims sometimes you'll build like your dream home? I SWEAR my dream home ALWAYS has this lodge look to it with that huge stair-case and balcony thing in the main room. That said....for 2.5 million it sucks that it's a fixer upper. It's VERY dated and needs a lot of love and sledge-hammering. Anyways, just an inkling of what exists up there! There are places really nearby with reasonable prices (if you can believe $800k for a 4 bed/3 bath is reasonable ;) ) Maybe this will be our retirement dream. :)


  1. It's perfect :)

    So you!! And of course, we would come visit every year and play in the snow with you :)

  2. I think you are just hot becuase of lack of air conditioning. That said this does look very pretty. while you are dreaming, I think anywhere in the mountains stays cool. So that gives you the Alps and the rocky mountains as well! doesn't South America have some mountains?

  3. Very Cute... but its like 60 degrees all year round in San Francisco, maybe look there? I froze my bum off over Memorial Day weekend in the city.


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