Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Coat

I just bought a new coat and had it shipped to Texas so I won't freeze!! I haven't bought a coat since 2007 when I was a size I think it's time to accept that it doesn't fit and just buy a new one. Gap Inc. makes clothes in tall size (woot!) They've made the arm-holes come down lower so you don't get that tightness across the theory. Also, the arms are longer as is the overall length and the waist is set lower too! This is the first "tall" proportioned item I've ever bought so I'm really excited to see if it makes a diff!!

It's not like, the coat of my dreams or anything.... although The Science of Sexy says the Peter Pan collar is very flattering for me. :P And the buttons are ugly...I'm going to change them to gold or brass buttons. Or maybe just white ones. Depends on what the store has. lol But it was only like 50 bucks so who can complain?

One day I will have a gorgeous wool Burberry herringbone a-line coat....but I'm gonna have to wait until we live somewhere it actually gets cold regularly. Working on that one. ;)


  1. OMG GIRL! What's up?! Weren't you one of our lovely brides on PW? You are our long lost bride with the tea cup wedding theme, right? I bought the ambassador font from you!! How ya doing? How's the wedding life?

    Just became a follower of yours!! :)

    oh, n btw, that jacket is HOTTT!!

  2. actually, I can't find out how to "follow" on your blog. hmmmmm?


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