Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Travelling, Last Blog!

This is my last update until... I'm not sure. But for quite a while anyways. I'm super popular and just don't have time for trivial things like blogging now. (HA!)

So, I'm a chronic procrastinator... it seemed much too early to start packing or cleaning or anything like that last week...but now it's dawned on me that, even though my flight leaves on Monday morning, we're driving into Mackay Saturday morning which gives me 4 days to clean the house, do all my laundry (those of you who know me best know why this is a big deal time-wise) and PACK.

You know, until I counted the days just then, I didn't even realize it was down to 4 days. It's only Tuesday! I thought I had like a WEEK...gah. Beebs has to work Monday morning which is why he can't see me off at the airport. I'm pretty sad about that actually, I hate saying goodbye before I actually leave...but I guess that, in this instance, it's only goodbye for 4 days instead of like 4 months so I suppose I'll survive.

It's not that bad....

I'm really excited about traveling! Most people gawk when I tell them it's like 30 hrs of travel time (I got pretty short layovers this time!) but, honestly, it flies by. For me anyways. I've got this thing down to an artform at this point and, honestly, it's kind of therapeutic--except for the whole sore-tailbone thing, I wouldn't call that therapeutic. Anyways. This is not your domestic airplane:
  • You have your own tv in the headrest in front of you.
  • There's always new-release movies on the flight and dozens of recent and even some older movies on top of that.
  • There's also HUNDREDS of tv-shows. I'm hoping they have Glee. Everyone's gushing about it and I have only seen the first episode so it would be convenient to get to knock out my Glee marthon on the flight instead of on Hulu at home.
  • There's arcade type games like Bejewelled, Tetris, Scrabble and so on that you can play too! There might be more video game type stuff but I've never bothered playing.
  • You have a lot more room to yourself than on a domestic flight! The seats are wider and the rows are farther apart. Your seat also reclines a lot farther back since the rows are farther apart (not a WHOLE lot, but enough.)
  • Two words: unlimited "refreshments." ;)
  • The food is actually really good! It's never super filling, but it's not like you can't bring nibblies on the flight if you want to.
  • We all sleep most of the flight anyways! It's really easy on the LAX to BNE flight since those always leave really late at night....not as easy on the BNE to LAX flights that leave in the afternoon though....I plan on bringing sleeping pills just in case. ;)
Also, I have my own little rituals down now. For some reason my flights ALWAYS leave from the same gate (give or take a gate) so I've really gotten to know that part of the airport now. I play in Duty Free forever in Brisbane testing pretty much every perfume in the stores, and then I have my nachos and Presidente margarita waiting for me at Chili's when I land in LAX. On the flight I always have:
  • a new book that I've saved just for the occasion,
  • my fleece blanket for my top half (I use the airline's blanket on the bottom half since you never know how often they clean those!)
  • my slippers in my carry-on so I can change shoes right before we board
  • my cushy neck pillow and my pillowed eye-mask that blocks out 100% of the light.
  • ear plugs
  • noise-cancelling head-phones to wear OVER the ear plugs. I don't play music in them, I just turn on the noise cancelling part ;) Can you tell I'm a light sleeper?
The flight itself is only 12-13 hrs. Sometimes 14 if we have to fly around bad weather. Mine is 8pm-9am CST this time and "lights out" (when they turn all the lights off and suggest you try to sleep) will probably be at 10pm and then we'll have breakfast at 7am...so most of that time you are sleeping. Or at least people as super prepared as me are sleeping. Everyone else is waiting for the baby to stop crying and wishing the person next to them would turn off their reading light. ;) Okay so, if we're being honest, I've never been able to sleep the whole time. BUT I hadn't discovered Doxylamine Succinate(the active ingredient in Nyquil that makes you sleepy...that they sell in pill form here ;) ) before either. Muahahaha.

OH! I'd also like to add some breakfast things to my Fat New Year food list:
  • McDonalds breakfast burritos AND a sausage patty
  • Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit/sandwich
  • Plain glazed donuts...No icing. No sprinkles. No drama. Just donuts.
  • Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy


  1. Have you had Wifi on any of your flights? The last time my sister flew in from Virginia, she had it.

  2. Have a safe flight and a wonderful time visiting your family!

  3. Have a great trip then girlie! I'll miss your posts. . .you're popular in the blogging world too you know! :P

  4. Good luck on the laundry. I say just don't pack and buy all new clothes while you are here!
    Love, Mom

  5. P.S. remember when Kaitlyn and I starved on our flight to OZ? if you are clueles and sleep they skip you for food and then it was over 12 hours before we got more.


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