Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby names...again.

Top 2 Baby names! Although it's actually Wednesday here.....

I don't have just two. Maybe because I have a laundry list of girls names to pick from... Okay, I think I could do 4 though.... top 2 girl's and top 2 boys. ;)

1. Wrenaleigh. I made this up....On ANTM, two seasons ago, there was a model called Analeigh. And then I met someone named Karaleigh....and I just thought those names are SO pretty! And then I thought, you could really put an "A" on the end of any name and make it like that....I was looking for W names I liked you see....I liked the name Wren, but it wasn't feminine enough. Thus.... :)

2. Willa. My dream is to have two baby girls. Meaning I'll probably have two baby boys, but whatevs. I have two girl names and this is my second fave. I saw it on Gossip Girl last year after eyeballing it for a couple weeks on baby name lists (yes I'm an active lister. :P) and it cemented it by being able to hear it in the context of normal conversation. So pretty, femnine and different. :)


1. Warren. This is a nice strong masculine name. It even has War in it. I'm 100% against names that can be twisted against children on the playground, especially boys names, so here is a strong name with no yucky nick-names attatched. Warren Wood has a very nice ring to it. :)

2. Christian. It's not a W name.... but I've always liked it. :) We could name him Christian Graham Wood and he would have the same initials as Chris. People would also probably call him Chris....because Australian's are incapable of leaving any man's name the way it is, they all go by nicknames.....Hopefully he'll just be Woody and get to keep his first name like Chris. lol


  1. One of my brothers is named Warren after my dad! It's a great name and not too common! The only nick-name my brother has ever had is War, so you're right about it not sounding yucky!

  2. yes, agreed, australian's are capable of destroying any name.... Woz or Wozza is quite common nickname for Warren...

    but on a brighter note.... I LOOOOOVE Willa. I think that's gorgeous, never heard it before. And Wrenaleigh is very innovative, very feminine, gorgeous too...


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