Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some fashion talk. Sorry boys!

The new trend I LOVE:
the "Boyfriend Tee."

My new fave shirt from Jeanswest:

This is the softest most special shirt in the whole world. I can't remember the last time I bought a t-shirt....I think it would have been in 2007. Crazy! I cannot believe how soft this shirt is....I'm in love. I love that things don't have to be skin-tight to be fashionable anymore! It's nice to know that we can wear our baggy tees, leave the Spanx at home, and still be fashionable for the time being. I like to pair my "boyfriend tees" (I have two now. ooOOOo!) with skinny jeans and wedges or metallic sandles to balance the masculine elements in the shirt with some feminine on bottom. If I'm feelin like a rockstar, I'll just pull on my All-Stars. :) Just another way that fashion can be comfy and functional and I love it!

The new trend I LOATHE:

Drapey Corner Shirt. Otherwise known as the "asymmetrical hem." I HATE that I see this everywhere I go. It's not that it looks bad on everyone, I think a size 2-8 could pull it off nicely! Anyone with curvy hips is NOT doing themselves any favors though and I hate trends that spread like the plague that make most of the girls wearing it look absolutely awful.

I'm sorry I haven't updated on my life lately.........Hopefully I will soon. :) It's just more fun to talk clothes for the time being!

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