Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Long time no update

Sorrryyyy! My life has actually been busy for once. I swear it has. Kind of. Maybe. Okay, not that busy. I just haven't felt like blogging recently....which usually ensues in a rash of 3-a-day updates for a week. So, if you've missed me, don't worry. ;) I'll be around.

What's new....The last time I updated was last week on Wednesday. Today it is Wednesday again. Crazy how it comes around every week, isn't it? Well. Last Wednesday I didn't even really update, I just talked about baby names so I'll update you on both Wednesdays. ;) I went to a short and sweet music practice at church that night. Since I've been off the pill (I'm experimenting if the pill was causing some weird changes in my moods and personality, not trying to get pregnant. JSYK. P.S. I think it was the pill....scheduling an appt. with my doc.) I experienced my first round of PMS in a long time. I've always gotten it REALLY bad, I get moody and unmotivated and just flat-out exhausted every day. So, that was the first day I was feeling moody, exhausted and unmotivated and Emily had been awake since 4:30am and so she was feeling the same for entirely different reasons. So we ended up just doing mostly the same songs we sung the week before....hopefully tonight is a bit more fun. Maybe she was PMSing too. I didn't ask. lol

Thursday I got my hair cut. It's really cute! If I have time to style it after I do the dishes and run to the store and so on I'll have Chris take a pic when he gets home. I'm not so great at the self portrait thing. Anyways. They took a LOT of hair off. The length is the same, but the took out a ton of weight. Usually I can only wrap the pony-tail holder around twice and now I can wrap it around 6 times if that gives you a visual. ;) It is a dark Mahogony Brown with a few panels of blonde. I don't really like the color of highlight they did. I wanted something golden, like a medium blonde....but the roots are like platinum and the ends are this weird orangey yellow color. Also, the panels bled through to the roots so some of the overall color speckled onto the blonde the bled through which means I have leopard roots. I'm not happy about that at all, but I didn't notice until after I got home so I don't really know what to do about it. I think I'm just going to schedule a consult with the stylist to talk about it and whether she 1.) knows how to correct it in my next appointment or 2.) knows how to keep it from happening again. Because if this is her best work, I don't know that I'll be comfortable scheduling another appointment. It's too much money to fork over just leave with leopard roots and two-toned highlights. Ya know?

Molly, Chris's 15 y/o family dog, was put to sleep Thursday afternoon. She had been going downhill for a while and it'd gotten to the point where she couldn't really walk and her fur was falling out in patches. She also had what they think were tumors all over her body. :( She is now buried in the garden where she liked to play. Chris handled it pretty well, he went to visit her Wednesday night while I was at musos. Debra's taken it pretty hard though. :(

Friday we had dentist appointments in Sarina (about 2 hrs away) so we were up at 5 eating breakfast and getting ready to head out the door. I have a lot of work that needs doing on my teeth...not news to me, but not fun either. We spent the rest of the day with Ashleigh and Ezra and their new puppies Wolf and Peep! It was so good to catch up and get to spend some time with the little baby and Ashleigh too. I wish we lived nearby so I could pop in more often, definitely lifted my spirits. :)

Saturday we went out for morning tea and then spent the whole day in the garden. A local shop "The Green Tree Frog" is closing down (sad :( ) and had 50% off all plants so we went in and I got a bunch of little cacti and succulents, some new cockscomb for the flower bed, a gardenia bush, two bouganvillia bushes and a mini rose bush to replace my other one that died. I cleared out allllll the leaves and debris and weeds that had overtaken the side garden in the backyard which took about 2 hours, reseated the concrete edge and planted my bushes. I'm going to get an arch for the bouganvillia to climb up, red flowers on one side and yellow flowers on the other, and put a bird bath or water feature of some kind underneath. I also planted all of my seeds that I couldn't when it was raining every day and I also found some old seeds in a drawer that I never planted so I might plant those this weekend as well. I also cleared out the green-house space in the backyard so I can put all my seeds back there to grow. I wish I had a table or some shelves or something back there to put them on....they had some at the tree frog but I don't have a car big enough to take them home. boo.

Sunday we went to church. The sermon was the 2nd part of Ed Young's "The House" and it was so poignant to our situation, I'm really glad the sent that one. I think I was actually there in person the weekend he originally gave the message, but it didn't speak to me at all then. It's so cool the way that I've learned so much from it now even after hearing it all before. :) I was so exhausted at this point that I admittedly spent most of the afternoon in bed. I don't remember what we did when I woke up....Oh. Okay, I lied. I didn't actually plant my bushes on Saturday, I planted them on Sunday after I woke up from my nap. lol That night we went over to Graham and Debra's and had dinner. Their friends Trudy and Charles were there and we haven't seen them in a while so it was good to catch up with them as well.

Monday I went to Bible study in the morning that ended up just being a long chat over coffee about the church and how we feel about the direction it's going in. When I got home we spent the afternoon cleaning for the inspection on Tuesday.....

Tuesday I woke up early to continue cleaning (it always comes down to this doesn't it) and then when the guy came round to inspect it he didn't even go in all the rooms! He was way less intense than the lady who usually always feels so anticlimactic. lol I've been using one of Debra and Graham's cars to get around btw so, after the inspection, I went to the bakery and got some things for breakfast because I was STARVING and went to Debra's where Bean was (he freaks out when we put him downstairs these days I think he's afraid we're leaving to America again or something....) but I got to catch up with Debra over some tea and breaky and alllll these Lorikeets fly up and Bean had never seen them before and starts freaking out from inside the house. So cute, he was clicking at them. :) hehehe Oh. When I came home it was 12:30pm. I was exhausted but tried to stay awake for a while. I did some research on schools (for ministry degrees/cert/diploma) and then I watched Sex and the City and Ellen, but fell asleep by the middle of Ellen. So I took a nap until Chris came home and then I went to the grocery store. I made a risotto for dinner and caught up with Beebs.....

Today I did a lot of nothing. :) I caught up with mom and dad on Skype finally but other than that I have taken the day off from life. I actually just got a call that there is not music rehearsal tonight after all so all I have to do before Chris gets home is the dishes (no dishwasher yet. ugh) and get to the store to pick up some toilet paper. Oh. I also caught my fingers in the ceiling fan when I was changing the other day. :( I think it might be getting infected but Neosporin is controlled here and I don't know what to do. It costs $60 to go to the dr. because I don't have insurance so I hope I don't need a prescription because that's a damn expensive tube of Neosporin. A lot of things here are controlled, but are available from the Pharm. over the counter and you just have to log that you purchased it. (Like Sudafed. And Codeine. LOL) So I should prob go to the pharmacist as well. ::sigh:: I don't feel like doing anything today. I'm so lazy....I've just had stuff every single day for the past week and I don't want to move today! Alas. I guess I could take a shower too. hahahahaha

That's all!


  1. hey mel!! i wanna see ur hair!!!!! im getting mine cut really short next week. cant wait!

    xxx Karen

  2. Wash your fingers really well with soap and water and keep them open to air if you are not going to be getting them dirty. if you ARE going to cook, clean or something - then cover with a bandage. You can get an infection from planting in the dirt with open cuts onyour fingers, unless you have gloves( I'm thinking surgical gloves, not gardening ones). without neosporin they can heal, so just wash well with soap and water. If they get sore, have dwelling and redness and most definitly if any pus or drainage starts - fork over the $ pronto and go to the doctor. It was cheap ( like less than going to CARENOW) when we were there with Kara and she had the tooth infection - for the Sunday afternoon specialst visit and medications it was less than $75. (They kept apologizing that we had to pay the Sunday afternoon premium. )NO WAY can you get that in the US. We need healthcare reform desperately, but the stuff they are pushing through right now is not the answer. Sure wish they would be open to what you all are doing in Aus. You are in the right place to be for not having insurance. Love you tons and enjoyed the SKYPE!


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