Saturday, March 6, 2010

Short and Sweet...ish. ;)

Just a quick update! I'm trying to write more daily so that we don't end up with a novel after not having updated for a week. So here's to (relatively) short and sweet updates. :)

Chris took me out on a date last night to a little cafe in town called The Purple Grape. I'd have to say it's the best feed you can get in town, and it was really nice to go out! The only complaint I have against the place is that you might wait an hour before your food arrives. We had a reservation at 7pm and only stayed for dinner and coffee and didn't leave until 9:30....crazy! I think they must just be really short staffed, so far as I'm aware there's only one server and then the owner cooks all the food on her imagine having 5 tables come in at once and having to cook all their food....not the best set up. I hope they sort that out because I'd really hate to see them go under!

After dinner we rented a movie called The Accidental Husband....I was surprised I'd never heard of it because it was SO good! It turns out the production company went bankrupt and so the release of the film was postponed indefinitely until it was inevitably released straight-to-dvd...such a shame because it really was a cute little romance comedy. :) Perfect film for a date night and I'd recco it to anyone.

I had heartburn last night for the first time this week...I've been trying to avoid it like the plague because when it's bad it's REALLY bad lately. I've been avoiding my triggers; spice, citrus, sugar, fat, alcohol (everything) but last night I had two Lemon-Lime and Bitters (sprite with Angostura Bitters) and I think that was what set me off. ::sigh:: I was chugging Maalox and it still took two hours to calm down. :( I finally got to sleep around 4am. Not. Fun.

I woke up at about 11am and had some coffee. Chris was polishing his car with the buffer he bought last's now almost 1:30pm and he's STILL buffing!! I'm impressed by the commitment but admittedly confused as to why it takes that much time.....The car looks GORGEOUS though and it's not even finished yet. :)

He loves that's a little red 1992 Mazda MX-6 coupe. It was his first car and he takes such great care of it and it takes care of him in return. I hope he never gives up on Little Red (as we call her hehe) even if he gets a new car it would be a shame to let this one go. The idea of giving up on Little Red makes me think of Little Susie the little blue coupe. Do you remember that cartoon? Well, if you haven't seen it you should watch it! I think it's bad enough that we personify practically all of our inanimate belongings and plants, but the memory of this cartoon really makes me feel guilty about giving up on things that would still have life to them if I had the patience to put in some TLC.

Tonight we're having dinner at the Cookson place along with Talia's bff Yelle and her bf...Bill...I think that's his name. It should be fun. :) Chris is also leading worship tomorrow and I'm leading the music so we're going to have to spend some time planning final details for that service as well. Those are our only plans for the day and then the week is over and we start over again tomorrow on Sunday. It was a good week. :)

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  1. sounds like you are having a good weekend and have quiet a few plans. Good luck to you and Chris on the church serivce tomorrow. I know it will be blessing to God.


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