Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boob Job??

I'm watching Dr. 90210. There is a VERY thin 18 y/o girl maybe 105 lbs/5'7" and her mom is buying her a BOOB job saying she has a "condition" that has caused her to not develop properly because she is a 32A on the left and a 32AA on the right. Uhhh..."condition?" It's called being SKINNY. Just give yourself 5 years for your metabolism to catch up to your age and you would have had boobs! LOTS of girls have boobs that are uneven in size, it's not a "condition." I cannot believe her mother is supporting her in this.....

Just had to throw that out there.


  1. Seester, i need you to call me please. mwah. i will wake up for you. i do not care. i miss you alot. and your playlist makes me miss you more. oh yeah... i wish i coulda been there to hear you tell that aussie doucher off! xoxo love you!

  2. I've always wanted a boob job. Not so much because I hate the size of my breasts, but the shape of them really bothers me. I asked my Dad for a boob job for high school graduation. He said, "sure honey!" then proceeded to go to the bathroom and came back with a roll of toilet paper. "There ya go!"

    ...yeah. I just said that...on your blog. Go Dani!

  3. ahhhhahahah ohh Dani. :)

    I've considered a boob job for a long time because they don't even make bras in my size. If we're talking "conditions" that should be considered one! lol I don't know if my issue is with my weight and how out-of-proportion I am or if it's really my boobs. Maybe I'd be happy to be flat chested if I was skinny and proportionate a la Debra Messing?

    Say what you want on my blog. It's a safe place. ;)

  4. Yeah, I wear a 36A and they hardly make the bras I want in my size. It's a huge bummer :[

  5. Oh lord!!! Sometimes girls don't get boobs until they're like 21! Not a very good mom if you ask me.


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