Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been two years since my last blog. I am one of the lucky ones who figured out "who" I am and what I want at a very young age; I believe I can attribute my unusually high self-awareness to the fact that I used to journal about everything, all day, all the time. When I met Chris I stopped journaling and blogging; I had finally found someone with whom to share all of those internal musings and unanswerable questions (and I must say he has made quite the good listener over the years.) However, I think my blogging days aren't quite over yet...

Moving countries, even between two English speaking countries, is a lot harder than you could imagine. I keep having people give me advice about how they felt when they moved interstate but, I have to tell ya (as much as I appreciate advice,) there's really no comparison. I never expected the culture shock I have been experiencing here. I've never lived in a small town, so I'm not sure how much of the shock is from Big City/Small Town culture vs. USA/AU culture but it's definitely been an adjustment either way. I'll look forward to sharing some of the differences with you because some of them are quite interesting. I'd have to say the high cost-of-living here has been the biggest shock for me and I can't imagine ever being able to adjust to it...but I'll elaborate on all of these things another time.

I am somewhat incapable of working out how I feel without putting it into words, whether written or spoken. I expect this blog will be a type of therapy for me where I can once again work out more than just the how of what I'm feeling but the why as well. I can hear some of you groaning from here, "Oh, just what the world needs; another emo blog." I will counter this by explaining that I fully expect for this blog to be just as much a what's what of my life at the moment as it is about my feelings (I'm not emotional all the time after all.) This way family and friends back home can stay connected to my life through the blog.

Please bear with me while I figure my way around Blogger. I've never used this program before and haven't had a proper chance to explore. I know there's some way for you to become my "follower" but I'm not sure if you have to become a member to do that. I should also warn those of you who don't already know that I am a very long-winded blogger. I never could quite figure out how to keep things concise when so much to share was bubbling up inside.

I need to go to sleep now, it's 4 am and I have no business being awake after being so exhausted all day!


  1. I love the fact that you have a blog. Waiting with anticipation for the next post.
    Love you,

  2. awww wmoose! i love this idea! now it will not see like you are so far away. my phone has crapped out... go to and you will understand whats going on. soooo you need to call me. xoxoxo miss you so much and i really hope you can still come down for christmas! looooooooooooooooooove- SEESTER BEEBS!

  3. Yay I am glad y'all are reading! I love you both and hope I don't get too boring for you. ;) xoxoxo


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