Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Mood Thursday!

Okay, so I was horrible about updating this week. I got totally enthralled in that book and didn't think about blogging until it was time for bed every night! (I finished it and it's really good btw!)

I am SUPER excited because I've started my Christmas shopping. I was on the Victoria's Secret website (they sell more than just panties y'all ;) ) and got FREE shipping because of a coupon I had (it was for $75 off, not free shipping...shipping just happened to be $74.32) and didn't have to pay tax because I'm "an international order." Woot!! I love stuff like that!!

BTW mom, some packages for me will be arriving at y'all's house. DO NOT open them please, they are full of Christmas love. :) Thank you!

I've been feeling "blicky" this week, in the words of my mother, and have super slacked on the exercise but have kept up the dieting. I think it should be a right of passage for women to sit it out from the gym once a month.... but I read this new quote yesterday on a weight loss forum that said "Make the effort, not an excuse." So I'm done making excuses and will continue to make some kind of an effort regardless. I'm down to 210 this week which *almost* puts me at the 10 lb loss mark. WOOT! (yes I weighed almost 220'd freak out and exercise too. LOL) I'm back to what I weighed at the wedding in July and will hopefully be far smaller by the time New Years rolls around. Exciting!

Bean decided to completely unroll a whole roll of 4 ply toilet paper this morning. He couldn't have unrolled the 2 ply with frogs on it....he had to unroll the lovely quilted beautiful Quilton 4 ply. So we're stuck with frogs. I swear we go through like, a roll a day of the frog ones. Sorry, is that TMI? That's TMI...moving on. ;)

I got to talk to mom on Monday (yaay!) but have been having trouble getting ahold of my sisters. Kara has been trying to call me, but I missed the call or the text and I've been trying to catch her but our sched.s just don't line up. Ugh.

Kaitlyn doesn't even try. "Oh Melissa, I miss you, I miss you!" B.S. Kaitlyn. You don't love me. :P

P.S. like, all my flowers died. Okay, not all of them...but a lot of my favorite ones!! I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe it's just too dry for them here? And some kind of fungus is eating one of my rose bushes. Gardening is exhausting. Why even bother if everything's just going to die??? Our mango is thriving though (the one from the picture) and I think he's about ready to be picked. Though, the reason why he's survived all the fruit bats (yes there are bats here. basquillions of them) is because he's right next to some paper I might have to murder the wasps in order to eat my mango or risk being stung. Hmmm....We're getting TONS of baby mandarines too, so fingers crossed that they make it through the strong winds we've been having.

It was grandma's birthday on Tuesday. She turned 88 years young! Happy Birthday Grandma!! We love you! xoxo

In other news I have discovered that I can, after all, drink beer. ::gasp:: Yes, me. I know.... So far the only beers that I like can only be purchased in maybe I just like Australian beer?? LOL I really like this one called BeezNeez, it's a honeyed beer. It doesn't taste sweet, but has a nice sort of flowery after-taste that I really like. :)

The only beer that I have HATED like, couldn't even finish hate was tastes like burnt ashes, like licking an disgusting. Blech. I only started drinking beer because, light beer anyway, is only about 100 cals per bottle and has very few carbs and only a few grams of sugar if any. This helps if you want to have some drinks with friends but are on a diet. I can have 6 beers and still have less calories than in 2 cocktails. I like that! People keep reccomending vodka/rum/gin and diet coke or wine spritzers...they still have WAY more carbs and sugars than beer. I'm just gonna stick to the beer for now, we don't have drinks that often anyways. :)

I ordered Chris's bday presents this week! I'm really excited. :):) It's not his bday until Nov. 30 but I just wanted to make sure everything got here in time. He's turning 24 this year. Yay! I'm trying to decide whether to do the Thanksgiving party like I did last year. Dunno if it will work out this year as his bday is on a short weekend (every other weekend he gets 4 days off, this is a 2 day weekend) and it's just an awful lot to try to drive out friday night after he gets home from work 2 hrs to the beach and then I'd have to spend all Saturday cooking...only to pack up again Sunday morning and drive the 2 hrs back....I don't know that it would be the most relaxing bday that way. Maybe I'll just make us our own little turkey and a couple pies and have a small Thanksgiving at home. That would be nicer I think. :)

Tonight is our Date night. Hurray! There's a gas station about 15 minutes from here that makes AWESOME burgers, so we're thinking about heading out there for a meal this evening. It's the ONLY place to get burgers in Moranbah. There's an abundance of chicken sandwiches....but no hamburgers. And I'd really like a burger! They're Aussie burgers....with beets, pineapple, carrot, egg, and BBQ sauce...... ...... so I might get the toppings on the side and bring some mustard and pickles in my purse. lol

That's all I have for now! If y'all think of something I should write about, let me know. :)

xoxo Mel

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  1. OK. Tried to post looks like it didn't.I will try to re-write it! Thanks for updating.Love you lots! had so much fun at Grandma's b'day- She loves the flowers! I think facebook is having issues, because I have tried to post pictures and they won't post!
    I need what you and Chris would like for his birthday, and Christmas. Also - remember that Grandma and Grandad want to get you a wedding present, you just have to pick it out!:)
    You should write about the plans for church things you are doing! You have alot of stuff and if you blog about it, it will become more firmly planted in your mind. As for plants - look up how to do it on the internet! Have fun on date night!
    Love, Mom


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