Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today was an awesome day!

Chris did a beautiful job of loving me today, I could tell he was making a real effort. He took me out for coffee and then bought me a new lipstick. He sure does know the way to my heart; quality time and gifts. :) The lipstick is gorgeous btw, L'oreal's new Infallible Gold. It's a new infallible formula in a stick instead of that goopy nonsense. LOVE! He also made us dinner tonight; Dijon chicken. mmmm it was so good! My little love tanks are super full!

I made buttercream icing for the first time yesterday and it turned out GORGEOUS! I was so nervous because I've never made meringue before and who knew that buttercream is meringue based? I'm still preparing for Chris's bday! I want to make the most beautiful cake in the whole wide world. Orrr at least the most beautiful cake I've ever made. LOL

A HUGE storm (okay, not huge by DFW standards but huge for Moranbah) rolled in tonight! It rained all over our lawn and garden and I'm so happy! They needed a good drink.

Hmmm...blog is kind of all over the place. I'm just trying to think of things that have gone on lately!!

I'm ordering some vases and maybe some end-tables for the living room. I saw a posting for a whole living room set (couch, love seat, easy chairs) for only $1000 AND it matches our colour scheme!! WOOT! I hope they still have it....it's like a coffee brown micro-suede. They're really pretty and supposedly only a couple months old. The family is moving out of town and wants to be rid of it. Maybe they got laid off, who knows?

Culture clash vent of the day:

Went to get coffee today and, when the lady takes my order, I say,

"I'll have a coffee, please"
"Uhhh...like a long black with milk?"
NO! Does she seriously not know what coffee is??
No, like coffee. You know, brewed coffee?"
"Uhh...so like a long black."
You can't be serious. This coffee shop really does not sell coffee. REALLY?? ::sigh::
"Sure, why not. Long black it is"

AHHHH!! Sometimes all I want is a coffee. Not espresso. Coffee. (a long black is a cafe Americano, not another name for brewed coffee btw) ::sigh:: What I hate more than anything is when they look at ME like I'M an idiot. Hello, I'm not the one who doesn't know what coffee is. You can go in shops in Mackay and get coffee...maybe this was just a one-off. But what I wouldn't give to just be able to drive thru McCafe and get an iced coffee whenever I want! You ask for Iced coffee in moranbah and they give you ice-cream with coffee poured over it...not bad but not what I was going for! Or like the one time I ordered a macchiato and it came out in a shot glass with foam....turns out this is what a macchiato actually is; a shot of espresso with micro foam. No wonder they looked at me weird when I asked for it with caramel syrup. LOL LOL Ahhh.... it's a learning curve, lemme tell ya.

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