Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nanny 911

Any time I think I want a baby, I just watch Nanny 911 and I remember how much I cherish our "Just the Two of Us" time at the moment sans tantrums and potty training. :) I think I'm too selfish to have babies right now. I like having my days to myself, sleeping in, reading a book and having Beebs all to myself in the evenings when he's home from work. I like being able to pick up and leave town on a whim every weekend if I want to and I like being able to catch up for coffee with friends without having to consider a babysitter or what to do with The Kids. I know, some day, I will want to give all that up and for my whole being to revolve around someone else's needs and wants.....but for the time being I'm really happy just being concerned with myself and my marriage. I think if we added a baby to the mix, it would be like building a foundation on sand and would be really difficult to find stability in our relationship again once the attention shifted from us and our needs to the needs of someone else.

All that considered... (and now that I've made it obvious I'm not pregant. lol) I do think about baby names a lot. :) (Doesn't every girl?)

My fave girl's name of the moment is Wrenalee. How pretty is "Wrenalee Wood?"I thought I'd made it up, but I did find one instance of it on the internet so there's at least one baby out there with it as a name. lol


I've had people tell me that it's going to be a nightmare when she's in school because of how it's spelled and most people won't know how to pronounce it and la la la. It makes me wish Amelia was here because SHE of all people could appreciate the beauty in a name like Wrenalee. Even if I can't appreciate the beauty in some of her baby name choices. lol

I can safely say that I have had my name misspelled my entire life and it is one of the most common names in the country. I at least changed the spelling from "Leigh" to "Lee..." So there's that argument dead. I agree that people may not know how to pronounce it initially; pronounced wren-uh-lee, like Natalie but with Wren instead of Nat. But, I think that if we keep her within the same school system that most classmates will be used to her name and it will only be the teachers that have to pronounce it at the beginning of the school year. I think it's a beautiful name and it's rarity makes it a special gift in my eyes. Maybe I want such a unique name because of how common mine is. I could never go through school without another Melissa or 5 in my class, even with another Melissa White in my high school and yet ANOTHER Melissa White in my dorm at UNT. Something else people have said is "You could call her 'Wren' for short" She would be Wrenalee. Maybe Wrena for short, but not Wren....hellllooo "Ren and Stimpy" anyone? She'd always be Wrenalee to me.

Anyways, I'm just speculating on a beautiful name for my hypothetical daughter that hopefully will remain hypothetical until at least 2016.


  1. My name is Melissa too haha (Missie1284 on PW!) I didn't know too many Melissas growing up, maybe 4 total, but I have a friend named Melissa now, so I do see it more often as time goes on!

    Part of me really wants a baby now, but part of me still loves my freedom. We're waiting a bit longer before having kids too! We just got married on July 3, so not too long ago!

  2. (MountainBride) says I LOVE that name Princess. .. beautiful :)

  3. Melissa! I like that name, Wrenalee, it sounds pretty and Dad says he used to work for a builder that was a woman and her name was Wren.It kinda floats! You should look at one of my friends on facebook - her name is Melissa McIlrath. That is who you were named for, one of Pam's best friends, but a very smart and fun woman that had a beautiful name!When I told nana we were going to name you Melissa, she was not happy and said "everyone will call her Missy, how can you do that?" I said I would always call you Melissa so it wouldn't matter. Well, time has passed, I don't think anyone ever called you Missy, but you have had you name made into a nickname in many different ways!I know I call you "my little Maise!" And most others call you Mel, so just know that the name may end yup changed!
    When I named Kaitlyn, I had never heard the name before, and I got flack for that one too.I thought is was pretty and different. So did eveyone else. How many Kaitlyn's are there? ( I think 5 in her preschool class!)
    Love, Mom

  4. My Mom named my older sister Alicia Marie. I have met 4 other Alicia Marie's in my lifetime. Mom just said, "Well crap! I thought I was being original!"

    I love Wrenalee by the way, it's beautiful! I love brainstorming baby names, and I'm not even married! Sad.

    Remember on my blog when I had said, "I told Melissa I decided we're having a Starbucks date"? Yeah, I must have looked crazy because I thought that comment had posted to your Christmas announcement, and it didn't. I decided we're having a Starbucks date while you're home ;]


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