Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Garden

Upon request, I went around the yard today and took some pictures of what's going down in our garden!

As disappointed as I am that I'm missing out on my favorite weather of the year back in Texas, I really am so excited for all the life that's slowly creeping out into the sun in our yard. The garden here as been neglected for many many years, but the original owner of the house was a horticulturist so even though we have our work cut out for us there's really a beautiful garden underneath all the over-growth and shed leaves.

Our little beebs grass is growing as hard as he can in the front yard!! It's starting to look very green...but because we are in such a dry climate it is SO hard to get a yard going AND follow the water restrictions. So far the only green grass is in the patch in front of the house....but everything in the backyard is still dead. We have a picket fence in front of the house, and everything in front of the fence is dead as well. :( It makes the front yard feel like a bit of an oasis from the dead and barren, but I'd really like to just see a nice green patch of grass in front of the fence when we pull up at the house, know what I mean? We're going to lay some gravel and mulch on the side of the house to save some effort on trying to get the grass to grow there. It should look very cool and modern. We're going to put 4 large tiles with 4 pots and little bushes on the gravel too. We just have plastic pots at the moment, but sometimes next year I will buy the big shiny ones I want!

The vision is like this, but on a smaller scale:

I should have researched drought-hardy plants rather than just picking the prettiest flowers I saw. ;) I can see now why so many people have tropical plants's hard to build a classic garden in Moranbah!

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