Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One more thing...

I've got some steaks on the "barby" hahahahahaha and a little bit of free time while things heat up so I thought I'd post some things I forgot to earlier.

I booked my return flight today, so I'll be in Watauga from the 21st December - 20th January. Chris is going to be visiting from the 23rd December - 2nd January. He did get some more time off, yay!! But not as much as would have been ideal. :( Booooo. But he did get the WHOLE week of my birthday off! YAY!! The Taylor Swift concert is that Monday in Newcastle, so hopefully we can spend Tuesday (my bday) in Sydney! Swanky. ;) So far I only have my flights booked through to LosAngeles, so I still need to book the flights to DFW. I'm hoping to find a deal....lots of deals in Jan. but, of course, everybody and their bro. wants to fly the same date as me. It has really paid to wait to book until closer to the date in the past so, at this point, that's what I'm going to do.

Someone came to our church on Sunday to try to recruit "RE" Teachers or "Religious Education" teachers for the high school. Apparently, once a week, all the kids split off into their declared religions for 30 minutes of "Religious Education." Most people are too scared to volunteer for the high school kids, but I'd really love to do that! I'm also interested in applying for the chaplaincy next year but I'm not really sure how all that works. I just think I could really relate to the kids and become, hopefully, a positive Christian role model in their lives where there wouldn't be one otherwise. So far the only strong Christian role models I've seen in town are more like mother/father figures and I can speak from experience to what a difference it can make in kids lives to have someone younger in that mentor role, someone who they feel "gets it" when mom and dad don't. I'm not sure how these things would affect my ability to do an apprenticeship next year, but I know God didn't put me in Moranbah to cut hair. That was more a "me" thing because it would be a fun way to work hard and pass the time. I'd be happy to give it up to try and make an impact in the lives of the youth here since that's why I feel like I'm here in the first place. Every little bit makes a difference, hey?

Chris came home from work today with flowers in hand. :) I just had to brag on him again.

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  1. loving the dates you will be here! Also, you should definitely do the religious education thing for the schools. That is the THING you have been saying forever you were supposed to do. Let me throw in a new twist, what if you could do cool hair and do the RE? They could go to you to get hair done and talk about Jesus? Just saying, becuase you are one that would not have a problem with that!
    And of course you are blessed to have Chris! How sweet about the flowers! Notice I signed in - I had to do ANOTHER google accoutn, i couldn't remember my informatin on the other one!


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