Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hump Day!

Today was one of those days when I woke up expecting to be in my bed back at my parents house which is very disorienting at first. This usually only happens when I wake up from a dream where I'm back in their house....the last thing I remember thinking was "omg I'm back in Texas and I haven't gone to Chipotle yet!!" I literally think that I woke up from my dream at that point so that I could go to Chipotle....only I was in our room here in Moranbah. lol

I've been reading more of my book and it's getting better! I also made some really yummy dinner tonight. I've been hankering for some Tex-mex, so I made this DELICIOUS shredded chicken. The best part is that it has no more calories than boiled chicken and sauteed veggies. :) The 1.5 TBS of oil is like 150 cals but when you intersperse that between 2 lbs of shredded chicken it's somewhat negligible don't you think?

If you can't tell....I'm on a diet. Yes...yes AGAIN. shut up. lol ::sigh:: I gained the newly-wed 15 (well, 10 anyway) and I SO did not have room to gain 10 lbs. All my jeans were getting tight and I was just over it. I put my foot down. I've lost 5 lbs in 6 wks woot! Hopefully by Christmas I'll be exactly where I was LAST year at Christmas which, for me, is a big deal. It will be the first year that I haven't been 20 lbs heavier than the year before....I'd just like to end things on a good note. ;)

Beebs and I went to the gym tonight and, by my calcs, I have to step up my cardio to reach my goal. I went for almost a full HOUR on the elliptical tonight when I only do 35 minutes most days...I was really proud that I could do it and I really feel like I can go the full 60 minutes next time with a 5 minute cool down. I want to be 185 by Jan 1st, but I'm going to have to work really hard to get there! Beebs has lost 15 lbs and all his shorts are big on him now. I gotta try to keep up!!

I only took one pic yesterday. There were these really cool clouds coming in and it even sprinkled a little bit! I'm really looking forward to the rainy season and hope it actually comes this year.
I love how the colour turned out in the clouds and how the light hit the path. It's really beautiful. This was taken next to the foot path that runs by hour house. :)

Topic of the day: Aussie Jeans Sizes

Aussie Women's jeans are sized 1-2 sizes smaller relative to American jeans. A 16 is considered "plus size" here which is usually around a U.S. size 12. Many stores don't even carry anything over a size 16 in their regular women's range. I get depressed every time I go into a store and absolutely nothing fits. There is no Avenue or Lane Bryant with cute clothes here for plus-size women. All the "plus size" clothing consists of drapey tunics and mumus. I can't believe I'd even HAVE to consider shopping in the plus-size department...I don't feel that big! I can only imagine what this is doing to all the women here psychologically...

I know that America has succombed to "vanity" sizing in recent years, which is one of the reasons their sizes are bigger than Australian jeans....but seriously. If it's not enough for the entertainment and fashion industries telling us we have to weigh 100 lbs to be beautiful, a woman can't even go into a department store without the sizes on the rack telling her she's so big they don't even make clothes in her size. Awesome.

Some stores like Jeans West and Just Jeans DO carry up to size 20 in some styles....but the proportions are ALL wrong! All of my U.S. jeans are size 12/14. It stands to reason I should be an Aussie 16/18... I had to go all the way up to a size 20 at Jeans West just for them to go over my bum....and then I had like 4 inches gaping at the waist. It's like they expect you to not have hips. I'm so over it. I'm just going to lose weight and not have to worry about it anymore. AND I'm going to start sewing my own skirts and dresses so all those stores can kiss it. I don't need the size on my jeans to dictate how I feel about myself. I know I'm sexy. ;) lol

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  1. i agree!!!!! sometimes i find it hard to find clothes that fit too. especially if im trying on the brands that are sized waaaay smaller than their tag. i dont even go anywhere near Free Fusion brand cos their size 14 tops dont fit me and im a size 12 in tops!!!

    and congrats on losing weight already!!! :D well done! its SO hard to lose hey. im so proud of u! ull be a skinny minny soon ... and ill be a fat preggers woman haha.

    luv u!

    xxx karen


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