Friday, April 16, 2010

A better day

Today was a better day. :) It's amazing what keeping busy can do for you, hey? I imagine that when I find full time work, it's going to change my life. I'm a really disorganized person who thrives in extreme structure. Right now my life is so hap-hazard and my environment is reflecting that...our house is ALWAYS a mess. A big mess. Those who know me best know just what kinda mess I'm capable of at it's like that but worse. Ugh. I've been cleaning today... and a clean house does put you at peace. Or me at peace. I hate the cleaning part of it though! Mess doesn't really bother me, I can be surrounded by piles of mess so thick you can't even see the floor and it just doesn't phase me. It doesn't disgust me, doesn't put me in a bad mood and doesn't annoy me....I do look at it as an "oh...yeah. Hm. I should really clean that up." But other than that, I just exist in it. Call me a slob (I probably am) but that's just me. This is why it never ceases to amaze me how much I loooove it when it's clean! It only happens about once ever 12 weeks or so, but when it does it's like a weight has been lifted. How weird, hey? I know I know "You should clean as you go so there's never a mess, everything should have it's place and blah blah blah." Easier said than done people. I've been this way all my life, it's like chronic slob syndrome or something. As soon as I start cleaning I get this overwhelming's so annoying. I think working full time will help keep the house clean. I know, spending even LESS time at home shouldn't make it more organized, but when most of my day is full it's really easy to form a schedule for the rest and get into a routine. I just need a's tough to routinize 16 hours of the day every day of the I think I'll be good when the 16 shrinks to 8. :)

Just my current thoughts, I thought I'd share!

The band that's visiting is called Endless Praise, btw. They are running 4 hours late. Yeah....I mean, I can't complain because it's def. something I would do if I were them. I am ALWAYS late. I also shouldn't presume to know what their reason is for running so late....but I can't help but wonder if it's just so they could sleep in. They said they "had a late breakfast" to Debra which suggest to me they also had a late wakeup and a late start over all....but again, I can't assume that it happened by choice. Maybe the power went out in Bowen or something and no one could cook any food...I don't know. If it were me, I would be 4 hours late because I slept in. Because I'm lazy. hahaha Soooo.. I'm trying not to be frustrated. But I am. So THERE. hahaha I'm not really that frustrated at all actually. I was for like 20 minutes, but then I realized that if they're not coming to our house until 9:30 tonight, I can stop cleaning for now. And so then I was okay with their lateness. LOL.

Okay...going! Gotta shower


Talked to the band and it turns out their itenarary always said lunch at 2:00pm instead of 12 like ours, but they mis-read since their setup was supposed to start at 3:30 and got here at 3:30 instead...on accident. That's okay! Just to set the record straight. ;) They're really nice btw! I'll tell y'all about them later.

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  1. I hope you had fun with them there. I hope that the house got a little clean, because I KNOW what it can look like when you let it get there. AHHHHHH. It might scare them!Just kidding. I love you and you know I called you the absent minded professor for a just get disctracted by something else and go that direction. It's OK, it's just you!:)


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