Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aussie Burger

The Aussie burger is an interesting invention. In Australia the term "burger" applies to absolutely any patty-type sandwich rather than just a hamburger. If you're in Moranbah, it almost always describes a chicken burger. So, if you're dying for a hamburger and happen to see a sign in the window of a cafe purporting "fresh grilled burgers" don't be too disappointed when it turns out to be grilled chicken.

Aussie Hamburger

Sandwiched between a large bread roll you have, at best, a quarter pound of beef or steak. If it's steak (and if you're at a bbq it most likely is,) be prepared for it to be of the unbelievably tough and "char grilled" variety. This way you might avoid it slipping out of your burger at first-bite and slapping you in the chin as mine did the first time! Do not be fooled by the size of the patty, for on top of your tiny burger, you'll have a veritable mountain of lettuce, shredded carrot, grilled onions, tomato, sliced/shredded beetroot (beets,) and, if you're really lucky, a fried egg, pineapple ring, bacon rasher, and cheese. (I always joke "would you like some burger with your salad?" All this will be traditionally smothered in a healthy spatter of barbecue sauce, but sometimes tomato sauce or mayonnaise is a suitable substitute.

You should see the looks I get when I order a burger!
"Just cheese and grilled onions please"
"Oh, well you know it comes with salads"
"Yes, but I'd like just the cheese and onions please"
::agape:: "You're sure?"
"Yes, thank you."
::raises eyebrows and looks down her nose disapprovingly as she writes the order down::

I must admit I've never had an aussie burger with the works, so I'm not judging it or saying it isn't delicious. I really wouldn't know! I do hate beets though (they taste like dirt to me) which is unfortunate because they come on just about every single salad or sandwich you'd ever buy! I'm also not a big fan of carrots... hmm....Maybe I'll just have a bite of Chris's burger one day. Just to say I did.

Today I'm taking pickles, jalapenos and mustard in a plastic baggy to the servo. On a side note you can only get Polish Dills here so I'm souring mine in vinegar as I type this. hehe With these powers combined I should be able to build the most delicious perfect burger I've had in a long time. The only thing that'd make it perfect is if there was more meat on that sucker!


  1. it looks good in the picture, but I hate beets too!

  2. i LOOOOOVEEE aussie burgers :) they are sooo good! the more salad the better in my books :D if there isnt at least 2 cups of salad on my burger i feel ripped off!!!

    just saying!

    (but im a true blue aussie!)


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