Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I < 3 Frankie

My new Frankie magazine came in the mail today. YAY! This week I've felt 12 years old again in my daily rush to the mailbox, stubbing my toe on a tree root and hopping on one foot to remove whatever small pebble or twig fragment has become imprinted into the sole of the other foot. And then I lift open the mailbox to find.....nothing. Until today when it came! It's here!

Okay, I hear you, what is so special about this magazine? Well, it's a work of art. Even the paper it's made out of is obviously twice the quality of your typical tissue-thin glossy fashion mag. These pages are thick, with a newspaper-like texture while still durable. The articles themselves are full of surprises, I feel like everytime I open the magazine I find something else I'd missed the last time through. Even the advertisements are artistic and follow with the same vibe as the articles. It's so well designed. I want to hang up every page until our walls are papered in art and fashion. I love it that much. :) I gushed so much about the first copy I bought that Chris secretly purchased a subscription for me as a gift and now I get to enjoy 6 issues of Frankie a year.

Its tag is "Art-Fashion-Music-Craft-Life" if that tells you anything about the contents. It's so hard to explain, I wish everyone could read it. Its only in its 35 issue which means it probably released its first issue in 2004 and is relatively young as magazines go. I hope they're doing alright financially, I'd hate to see them disappear!


In other news, I've picked up contact again with the Kroussaratsky bros which is so random. I met the twins, Andy and Greg, online on the same website I met Chris back in 2006 when I was trying to make friends in Australia so I could learn about the country and whether I should go to school there. Obviously I only fell in love with Chris, and the Krooza bros and I were just good friends, I even visited them for a week in 2007 when I visited Oz for the first time. However, as time marches on, life gets in the way and we all became quite self-involved and mostly lost contact over the years with the exception of an occasional Facebook message or comment. Out of the blue I started getting phone calls from them again about a month ago and it reminded me why we were all such good friends in the first place. Now that we're all no longer teenagers we might even get along better than we did the first time, who knows? It's great to have them back in my life either way. I really love them from the bottom of my heart, they're so much fun!

That's all!


  1. Ah, I just read this. So nice! The feelings are mutual. Definatley think that a deeper maturity in the both of us will bring a deeper friendship :)

  2. looks like a fun magazine. you know me and magazines. I get them stacked up and hardly read them, but I like them:)


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