Monday, April 12, 2010


I've lamented in the past how most fashion shops here only go up to an AU 16 which correlates with a US size 12, with many higher end shops only going up to a US 10. Considering the skinniest I've ever been in my life was a US size 10 jeans/size 8 dress and the fact that fashionable options outside that realm are virtually non-existent I've decided to take up sewing. :)

Grandma taught me how to hand-sew when I was in first grade and I remember the awe of sewing together something that wouldn't pull apart. I then received a very basic model from one of my aunts (I think) for my 7th or 8th birthday. I learned to sew a ruffle and in a straight line but, like most things at that age, I lost interest in time and moved on to other things. I'd pull my little sewing machine out periodically for the rest of my life for school projects or to hem some shirt I'd cut to peices with the last time I saw it being in late 2004 when I pulled it out one last time to sew together some stick bags for the front ensemble. (no time to explain, google it ;) )

All that said, I feel confidant enough in my basic sewing abilities to take things to the next level. I do know my way around a machine (albeit very basically) and, while I may never create a tailored winter coat or anything of that caliber, I think I could put together a few of the latest fashions without too much trouble. I'm very thankful skirts have made a full return into fashion as they should be easier to sew than pants!

Some things I'd like to try to sew:

short circle skirt:

color block high-waisted mini:

Classic A line:

My proudest moment would be to re-create a maxi dress that flatters instead of frumps:

I'm going to have to practice sewing a bit to re-familiarize myself with a machine before I attempt anything I might actually wear in public so I should probably order a ton of cheap fabric to practice on before I sit down at the machine!


  1. I know you can do that. Goodness, those are 1970's fashions for sure! they have returned. Grandma has lots of patterns up in her closet for some like those, but they will be small. She did teach me how to make a small pattern bigger, but I never liked to sew, so didn't stick with it. With me as a mom you will never learn basics like that.BUT, you did learn how to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan!

  2. Go for it! I love the circle skirt! Looking at them makes me want to wear one, but at the same time go "MAN those are short!"
    It would be just my luck for a wind gust to blow up the skirt!

    Maybe once you start getting back into the swing of it, you can start selling stuff on! That would be a great way to get cash! :]

  3. I like my play-skirts to be about an inch longer than fingertip. I bought a floral circle mini last weekend and I had my friend on booty check the whole night! lol I'm going to wear booty shorts under them from now on so I don't feel nervous. They look so good on though! Way more flattering than shorts.


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