Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fake Tan

I can't remember if I've given y'all a heads up on this one yet, but last year I discovered the most perfect self-tanner EVER: St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

It's never orange and never streaky. Only complaint is that you have to apply it about 3 days in a row before your tan is as dark as it looks with the color-guide on (i.e. the first time you shower it will feel like most of your tan just washed down the drain until you reapply twice.) But, if self-tanning is a part of your day-to-day life I think this one is worth a try!

I started self-tanning when I moved here because the UV is SO HIGH and I'm too paranoid to go out in the sun without a slather of sun-screen. I've seen how wrinkly all my friends are who've been in tanning beds since high school and then how most of the women here who are around my age already have a lot of fine-lines and wrinkles around their eyes and on their foreheads and I can only blame the sun happy lifestyle of Queenslanders... and I just don't think it's worth looking 5 years older just to have a "real" tan. My only time in a tanning bed was 3 months before prom and 3 months before our wedding and I don't think I'll ever do it again. I'm too cancer paranoid! Hopefully the chemicals in my tanner don't end up being ironic would that be? LOL


  1. I've been loking for a new self tanner - I'll have to give this one a try. Thank you!!

  2. It's great stuff! Dunno if they have a Priceline Chemist where you are, but that's where I get mine. :)


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