Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emotional week

This week has been really hard on me emotionally. The details why are one thing that I actually won't blog about openly, and I really don't feel like talking about it all anyways. It's just been a hard week. (In case you're worried, Chris and I are better than ever and it's nothing to do with our marriage.)


I've been taking St. Johns Wort for anxiety and it actually works. I'm always skeptical of herbs and naturopathy and would usually chalk it up to the placebo effect, but I have to say that I felt markedly more relaxed with this herb. I'm glad Chris reccomended it. :)

I've mentioned before the complete lack of cute clothes here in larger than a U.S. 10, right? (I'm a 14/16) Well I just found out Torrid ships to Australia and they had a HUGE sale today. I took full advantage! I got two pairs of jeans for $7 each marked down from like $55 and a really cute pair of nude heels IN MY SIZE for $15 marked down from $45. Granted shipping was like $50, but that's still a savings of $50, and you can't find stuff like this here at these prices even with shipping. woot! This was the silver lining in my cloudy week. The jeans even have 2% stretch instead of the usual 1% so they'll be extra comfy! Check out my stuff:

I always buy the exact same pair of jeans: dark wash, mid-rise, bootcut. But I went a little crazy in December and bought a pair of dark wash, mid-rise, skinnies with a gorgeous rhinestone detail on the pocket and LOVE them. So I've ordered the pair on the left because they are a more casual wash than the indigo wash ones I have now, and then the black pair because they feel a little bit Rockstar and were only $7 so I couldn't help myself. ;) I LOVE the zipper detail on the shoe. You can't tell in the pic, but they're actually this really beautiful textured leather that looks like crumpled silk. Nude matches EVERYTHING too, black, brown, grey, white, pink, orange, EVERYTHING. So yay for my cheap shoes in my size! I've been looking for a nude heel for a long long time and I love these.

We have a guest staying at our house tomorrow night who arrives at 2pm and the house is a mountain of mess. If I wasn't so embarrassed of it all I'd call a cleaner to come in and help me bring it up to par beforehand. ha! With the way I feel right now, the last thing I want is for a stranger to be in our home and for me to have to put on a smile and play the happy hostess for two days, but what can I do? She's a member of a traveling singing group who's been hired to perform around town this weekend and needed a place to sleep so I agreed when Debra asked. Maybe we can just buy her a hotel room? Bleh. I wish I felt more hospitable.

I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed. I love y'all! I know I'll feel better over time. :)

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  1. Such cute clothes, especially the shoes! I hope it was fun with your guest, it's just the getting ready that makes it stressful.
    St. John's wart can help, it actually is an herb that is more like a medication so be careful. Tea can be very calming as well.:) Love, mom


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