Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm getting really disappointed. I'm really beginning to believe that I'm never going to find the living room furniture I want. :( Maybe it's yet another unexpected cultural hiccup, but ALL I can find is variations of this:

Sure, you can get it in 15 different shapes (curved back/arm-rests vs. square) and sizes (2 seats vs. 7 or chaise vs. couch.) Oh, and the fabric choices? Leather, leather, leather, micro-suede and more leather. It's not that I don't like this couch. I think it's very cool with the whole mid-century modern vibe goin on, but I was really hoping to go in more of a classic-contemporary direction like this:

This is my fave couch. If we were in America I would have bought it! When I said that I can only find the one type of couch it's honestly with minimal exaggeration. Most every couch has that mod vibe to it, even if it's not exactly like the one in that picture, and the ones that aren't mod have that La-Z-Boy look to them which is just way too casual for my taste. The most painful thing is that this couch is only $650 and it's EXACTLY what I want. My dream couch. Oh, p.s. it would also have been delivered and moved in FOR FREE. Incidentally, I might be paying twice what I would for Dream Couch on something I don't even like all that much just because we need a good sturdy couch and there's no other options. ::sigh::

Also, to add insult to injury, I can't find anything in the fabric I want.

(Incidentally Dream Couch is in this fabric in a lighter color!) This is a swatch a took off my parents couch! They've had their couch for almost 10 years now and I won't say it looks as fresh as the day they brought it home, but it definitely doesn't look a decade old. It doesn't look dated, stained, or dilapidated and I worry that something more modern just wouldn't hold up to the tests of time in quite the same way. We may have this couch for 20 some-odd years before buying another one, I really want to make sure we're getting our money's worth!

It's not the end of the world or's just frustrating for something I could find in most furniture stores back in DFW to be presumably non-existant. I'm beginning to feel I can't have *any* kind of expectations about *anything* since chances are good they'll be impossible to meet with the current resources. Booo. I'll just keep hoping someone in this country can point me towards my couch!

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  1. Ug...frustrating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but whenever I'm in another country, they don't have what they need at the moment, and whenever I leave, I feel like I'm missing the trendy-chic vibe of the county I just left. LOL. I can't win. You'll find her :)


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