Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Our lawn is coming up beautifully! The native grass is this really thick bladed breed that makes a soft cushy carpet, it's surprisingly shiny as well which I've never seen in grass. :) Unfortunately it is REALLY hard to keep up with the watering and that when there's so many water restrictions. I wish we could use mulch instead of grass in some parts of the yard but the rental company doesn't allow us to use mulch in case termites come. Boo! So, some of the yard is just dirt at the moment. I'd like to lay down gravel, but it can get expensive....so we just rake the dirt and make it look nice. lol It's actually more like dust....I doubt anything could grow in it. It's pretty and red anyways, yay Australia!

The little space we've been working on on the side of the house is coming along quite nicely! We will probably wait until after Christmas to order the gravel in, but I found some pictures kind of like what we want to do:

I like this path. Ours would be a bit more modern with black gravel (looks like dirt almost) and square tiles. I want the square tiles to create a path

Our tiles look like exactly like those, same color and everything except I'd put them much farther apart than that like this:

I LOVE that path! We won't be having a curb or anything though, but that's the first all-gravel pic I've been able to find and the gravel is the exact size we'd be using. Those shrubs on the left are actually really drought hardy, and would be awesome if they'd stay that size but they get HUGE and I don't really want to buy any plants we can't keep in pots so that we can take them with us if we move. We're also laying down plastic before we lay down the gravel so: #1, we can easily pack it all back into a trailer if we move and, #2, it won't sink into the dirt over time and need to be replaced. We can tell that one of the other tenants had put gravel down at some point because we can see the remnants of it all over the place, but there's not much left. Maybe they scooped up as much as they could and took it with them, or maybe it just sinks into the dust over the years, either way I think laying the plastic down is a good idea. We're not planting anything in the gravel so it shouldn't be a big deal.

I'm just pondering and playing at the moment. :) I'll take pictures when everything's done!

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  1. I like the gravel by the path! It would look nice in your yard. We got a new modem so the computer is up and running again. yea!


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