Monday, November 30, 2009

Long time!

Long time no update! Sorry 'bout that. I've been siiiick. :(

We had a good Thanksgiving, for what it was. I tried really hard. It's really sad when you're used to it being cold outside and for there to be a parade on TV and to be surrounded by extended family... It was 100+ degrees on Thursday and I was by myself in the kitchen all day until Chris got home at 6:30. I got pretty overwhelmed, but I made it in the end! People here don't understand that being alone on Thanksgiving is a lot like being alone on Christmas....but I did get to talk to momma for a little while that day! And then, the next day, I got to video-call my grandparents and my whole family when it was Thanksgiving for them so that was really nice! Grandma and Grandad loved the video, and I hadn't talked to them in so long so it was awesome for me to see them too. :)


I just watched a show on MTV called "16 and Pregnant" and it's about, well, being 16 and pregnant. This episode was following a high school senior who is 17, gorgeous, good student, a varsity cheerleader...and she's pregnant. For some reason watching the show was really emotional for me....for some reason high school students scorn pregnant peers like they have the plague or are whores or something. I watched as her friends dropped like flies and, the thing that really killed me, was how hard her mom was making it on her. I mean, at the end of the day, she IS a teenager so there were a lot moments that proved just how much she really doesn't get it... but she did decide to keep her baby and finish her high school credits at the community college and get a full time job which is a LOT of stress...and then she's having a tour of a delivery room at the hospital to kind of get a feel for things and her mom and sister are with her and the nurse asks them who's going to be staying in the delivery room with her and both of them are full on refusing to be there because it would be uncomfortable for THEM...uhh hello, your daughter/sister is giving BIRTH, get OVER yourself! And then at the end, when she was actually delivering the baby...I'd never seen anyone have a baby before! It was emotional for me to see her do that. I think EVERY high school student should have to watch this series to see what their peers go through when they have babies and that, if they're having sex, they're not any better than these girls and they could very realistically BE these girls one day soon! Anyways, the show just really touched me and makes me feel for the teenage mommas who were at my school in a way I never have before. Instead of feeling sorry for them, I feel respect for them for not getting an abortion and for sticking it out whether that meant adoption or raising their baby was inspiring, and I just had to share how it made feel. :)

It's Chris's birthday today! He's actually having a pretty awesome day. Usually he has to be up at work at 6am, and he was today BUT they decided to send him to a course in town. SO. I was sitting on the computer playing The Sims 3 (fun!) and I heard the door to the house open...naturally I totally freaked out because NO ONE should have been coming in our house!!! So, of course, I grab something heavy and go to see who's there and if they needed to be beaten, but it was my BEEBS! Yaaay! He didn't have to be at his course until 8am, so I made us some iced-coffee and we got to hang out for 45 whole minutes. :) And THEN he came how for a whole 45 minutes at lunch time and we got to go to Subway and have sandwiches and cookies! Oh my gosh! It's only 1:45 and he just came home for the whole day! I haven't even made his bday cake yet! ahhh! I have to go! hahaha

Happy Birthday Beebs!


  1. Happy Birthday to your DH! My DH's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. Since I made Thanksgiving dinner I cheated with his cake and ordered it (a Star Wars one LOL). What kind of cake did you make DH?

  2. awwwww beebs :( I didn't know you were sick :(

    Happy Thanksgiving, and I'm sorry you had to be alone. But I'm so glad your beebs was there with you to appreciate what a domestic holiday diva you are :)

    I love you I love you I looooOOoooove you!

    And I'm watching Planet Earth right now on Discovery and they're talking about Australia and it made me think of you :)/:(

    Skype date soon?


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