Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lighter Note

My posts have been decidedly darker than usual. I thought I should add a random post about dryers.

So, I'm in the market for a dryer... the ones I see in tv commercials when I'm in Texas look like this:

But the only ones I can find here look like this:

I did find one that looks like the ones I thought dryers looked like these days but it was like $2000. ::groan:: Maybe we will just have to have an ugly dryer. But most of them are SUPER tiny too...and I know that when we get a dryer we will run it into the ground before we buy a new one and so I'd like for it to be a large capacity in case we have the same one when we have kids (and things like a load of whites is large capacity anyways.) The biggest I can find is like 7kg. I would also like it to be a steam dryer....but those seem to be really expensive here. ::sigh::

Just for once, just one time, I would like to have something I assume to be "the norm" and "totally accessible" to actually BE "the norm" and "totally accessible." That's all I have to say. That and also if you can find a dryer that meets my specs I'd love you foreva! ;)

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  1. I thought most of the dryers here look like the white one! excellent idea to get one that works now and for later as well.


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