Sunday, November 8, 2009


The idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs is illogical. How would you just make the jump from scaly reptile skin to feathers and going from running to flying? Why would you just, all of a sudden, grow feathers?? I just don't get it, it boggles my mind why that would make sense to anyone. Why would they decide that a dinosaur just hatched one day covered in feathers when the rest of his friends had scales and then go around touting it as scientific fact?

"According to evolution theory, birds should not have been around at the time of the dinosaurs. This is especially true of the parrot, which is supposed by those who believe in evolution to be a more highly-evolved bird.

A fossilized parrot's beak was dug up 40 years ago, but ignored. It was recently rediscovered at the University of California, Berkeley, by a graduate student. The problem for evolutionists is that they date the rock in which the beak was found as coming from the Cretaceous period when the dinosaurs lived and birds had not yet evolved. X-ray study of the fossilized beak shows that the beak has the same blood vessel and nerve channels as a modern parrot. But it is not just one parrot's beak that has been found in rocks from the age of dinosaurs. Loons, frigate-birds and other shore bird fossils have also been found in rock that was supposedly laid down during the time of the dinosaurs!

Fossils are remains of living things rapidly buried, we believe, at the time of the Genesis Flood. However, it is perhaps not too surprising that bird fossils and dinosaur fossils are generally not found together; indeed, bird fossils in any part of the earth's strata are extremely rare. This is because while dinosaur bones are very robust, bird bones and beaks are extremely fragile and would not have survived the turmoil of the Genesis Flood. The very few that have been fossilized tell us of very rapid and deep burial that would be expected during the Biblical Flood."


  1. Birds didn't evolve from dinosaurs. They evolved from a common ancestor. Everything evolved from a common ancestor. That's why humans didn't evolve from monkeys, either.

  2. Exactly! Today's birds evolved from yesterday's birds and today's humans evolved from yesterday's humans.


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