Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing new

Nothing new really happened today... I got to talk to Kara for a little bit which is always awesome. :) We don't get to catch up as often as I'd like. I have a Skype date with Amelia on Wednesday at 4:30am (12:30pm CST) that I'm excited about too. It's good to wake up when it's still dark and the birds are sleeping and have a nice cup of coffee before the heat of the day has a chance to set in. :)

Beebs and I cooked some dinner together tonight. We had chicken. mmm I had mine in a greek salad and his was more of a garden salad. It was fun and yummy. I love when we cook together, even though our kitchen isn't really set up to do it very easily. He had picked up some low-cal icecream at the store to suprise me and, even though it tasted like glorified frozen CoolWhip, it was pretty yummy.

Speaking of food, the single mango that survived the possums, fruit bats and bugs has almost completely ripened! I'm excited. It is literally the only one that made it, so it's kind of a big deal. I'm going to be pretty upset if we cut it open and it's anything less than perfect. Next year we'll spray as much of the tree the hose can reach with pesticides and anti-fungals. The tree has a LOT of fungus, I'm not quite sure how this mango escaped it when none of the others did. None of that will keep the fruit bats away, but hopefully there will be enough ripening (like on other trees I've seen around town) that they can't eat them all.

I've been discreetly soaker-hosing our flowers a couple times each day. It's too early to know if it's making much of a difference, but time will tell!

Bean has been recovering nicely from his surgery. He is already noticeably less feisty, but he now sleeps an even larger part of the day than before...annoyingly so! He still likes to play fetch though which I'm happy about. I like playing with him. He hasn't had any psycho moments recently (where he runs full tilt through every room of the house and over all the furniture) though so that's a definite plus!

Oh! I started a weight loss blog to catalog my weight loss, that's something new! I've been trying to lose weight for years now and, while I'll have a few small or even big wins here or there, I always gain the weight back and then some. I'm finished yo yo dieting and want to make a life change. Hopefully my blog will help keep me accountable and will also give me an outlet other than this blog since I know some of the people who are interested in my life in general might not be so interested in the details of my weight or diet. There's a link in my profile if you want to follow!

That's all I got today. Hopefully things will get more interesting!


  1. We should set a skype date too! careful about that water! love ya!

  2. I love you I love you I loooOOOooove you!

    And I'm really super excited about our Skype date tomorrow :) Kind of ridiculously so :)

  3. Good luck with your weight loss! I've been trying for years too and just can't seem to get the hang of it. If you need an email buddy let me know.

    Meghan (PW bride Meg1884)

  4. Heya! I love your spin off blog, btw. . .hope you don't mind if I stalk it too. I did a weight loss blog before our wedding and it was a GREAT outlet and accountability tool. Best wishes!


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