Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

I only have trouble sleeping when Chris is in the bed with me.

He gets up for work, I sleep no prob. naps in the afternoon? No prob. Same bedtime= BIG problem! This is so annoying. I've always had sleeping problems and was just getting the hang of how to sleep normally by myself and now I've got this other person in the bed to add a whole 'nother variable to the sleep equation. We have a king bed so essentially there's tons of room for me to have just to myself. I even have my own comforter because I like to cocoon and he likes to keep it tucked in. I have the room nice and cool so it's not a temp issue.... it's psychological. What is my damage? I'm going to start playing the brown noise again and see if that helps. Maybe I'm just having trouble getting my brain to shut down or something. Maybe the air conditioner is too loud and I can't get past it. (I tend to fixate on noises.) Some nights are totally fine, I'll go a couple weeks of normal and then it'll get all screwed up again.

This story is to be continued once I've tested some of my theories.


  1. hahahahahaha you mean the white noise? lol, I don't think the brown noise would help much with sleeping

    bahaha brown noise

  2. I hope you got back to sleep fine! You will have to turn off your brain, so you can sleep. I think it is related to the ADHD. Just sayin'!

  3. Ugh, I have this same problem!!! I hate it, hopefully it gets easier for you!


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