Sunday, November 8, 2009



EVERYTHING I could ever possibly want to create yummy yummy Mexican/Tex-Mex food here! They have an online store, can you believe it? A woman moved to Australia from Mexico and was home-sick for Mexican food and so she made it her business to bring "a slice of Mexico" to Australia. They have fresh corn tortilla chips and everything! I don't know how far they would make it....but I'm excited anyways. :) It's good to know that I can order the spices I need to make steak and chicken rubs and even have REAL Salsa. I swear all they have in Moranbah is Old ElPaso and Doritos brand. (Did someone say "Git the rope?") I've never really been able to make any salsas other than pico de gallo before (since the have fresh jalapenos here sometimes.) But this place has fresh salsas the make on-site and ship to your door so it would save me the heart-ache of trying to find the fresh ingredients I'd need. (Not gonna happen out here.)

Anyways, it's just a glimmer of hope in the sea of Thai, Indian and Chinese spices and produce I'm surrounded by daily but don't know how to use. I've been learning a bit of Thai (I'm still not really sure what the definition of a "Curry" is though...which I think it pretty important to know. ) but I don't know anything about making Chinese or Indian food. I might stick with Thai when I can't get Mexican, some of the ingredients are actually the same except Thai food uses coconut a lot where Mexican doesn't. I can make a yummy coconut rice now, which is more than I could before!!


  1. Very cool! Glad you can make your own Chipotle!

  2. Mexican is a very important staple in my diet, since I grew up in CA. However now that I am on the East Coast, its hard to find decent Mexican.

    Curry has to be my next favorite food after Mexican. Indian & Thai curries are very different. However they are OH SO YUMMY! I define curry to strangers as the ugliest and smelliest stew you'll ever see... but combine with rice and garlic naan, its heaven!! I might be over selling it, but it is the best thing to eat when I go over to the UK. It's the only dish that doesn't taste bland, haha!

  3. I EAT curries all the I know I like them. lol I just didn't know the definition of them....I like lemongrass and coconut Thai curry. I don't think I like Indian as well yet.


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