Monday, November 23, 2009


If it wasn't for Facebook, I swear I would have TOTALLY forgotten it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. hahaha Lucky for me everybody's talking about it in their status updates. What would I do without facebook? We bought a pre-roasted turkey (at least I think it's pre-roasted...) and it doesn't have any legs or wings or anything so it's just the yummy white meat. I also found cranberry sauce in the sauce aisle which was NOT there two months ago so that was exciting! I have to make my pumpkin pies from scratch because they don't have canned pumpkin here...only I don't have a food processor so that could get interesting. Maybe I could borrow one from someone...

Anyways! Our Thanksgiving will be fairly basic. We're having roast turkey with cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato mash and pumpkin pie. I'm still dieting so I don't want to go *too* crazy. It's also Chris's bday on Monday and we're going to have cake then so I gotta pace myself. ;) I should probably ask him what he wants for dinner....I dunno if we're going out or what the plan is. There's not many restaurants in town...and none of them are all that impressive anyways. Okay, I just asked him and he'd like to have the family over on Monday for his actual bday and then go into Mackay the following weekend and celebrate just the two of us. Sounds nice. :)

He really likes I'd like to make a chocolate bday cake. I'm not as crazy about chocolate (I'm more vanilla ;) ) so I don't really know a good recipe...maybe I'll just buy a box cake and mix a chocolate swirl into it or something....I'll figure something out! He's watching Dragon Ball Z at the moment and is WAY into it. hahaha

I think I'm getting a head cold or something. I don't feel very well. :( I might go to bed early tonight.

love y'all!

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  1. So, I was wondering what to get Chris for his birthday, but I think I have an idea now. Does he read your blog? If so I won't say!:)
    I bought the food to go to Grandma and Grandad's for Thanksgiving. I will cook over there on Wednesday, we will go to the pie social at church and then back to thier house on Thursday. I have been watching the food network specials on Thanksgiving. I love to see how they fix stuff! So we can Skype on Thanksgiving. What time do you want to set the date????


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